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Who We Are

Jia Jia Wang Trading was established in 1992 as a trading company. We started off supplying vegetarian food products and soybean products to wet markets and hawker centres in Singapore. 

As we progressed on, our company stretches its customer target to supermarket. We also began our manufacturing line in year 2007 where we developed our own products in Singapore. This is also the period where we started exporting our products to Malaysia.

In 2013, we hit another milestone in our business as we took over a local noodle manufacturing company and started producing our own noodles. During this period, with encouragement from Health Promotion Board, we carried out research and development to manufacture whole grain noodles. 

Right now we have about 7 refrigerated trucks carrying out deliveries in Singapore daily to supermarkets, hawker centres, coffeeshops and food service line. We have about 100 products in our portfolio of which 20-30 products are self-manufactured.

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